Mafia game cards online.

Do you want to play mafia in a friendly environment, but you don’t have the appropriate playing cards, or do you have playing cards but you think the moderator may be biased? You can write and play on paper, but in this case, bias is not excluded. We offer you the “Red or Black” app that will allow you to choose the number of participants. It will offer you the number of black and red players. You have the option to select the talk time of each participant (if you do not select it, it is 60 seconds). After pressing the “Start” button, the game will randomly divide the playing cards. The moderator will transfer the device in turn to the participants. The participant will see his / her playing card with one touch and hide it until the last participant. The moderator will then click on the “Continue” button to see a list of all the participants’ playing cards. On the last page, he has a stopwatch for the participant’s airtime and also has the ability to indicate the number of remarks. A player with 3 rebounds leaves the game. The conductor has the option to remove the participant who was “fired” or removed as a result of the draw.
Download the Red or Black app and enjoy the Mafia game.